10 years after that never-ending ‘wardrobe malfunction,’ Janet Jackson still has a great career

Poor Janet Jackson is still trying to move on from the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” of Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. Some 12 years later, the singer has just come out with a new album, “State of the World,” which looks at big challenges in the current political climate. That’s not surprising — Jackson is now well-known for musically approaching big topics while also serving up a sparkly dance tune or two, and we can’t forget the infamous crotch-grab.

That’s what spawned the whole thing, though. What was interesting to realize, though, is that even though Jackson is fully aware of what happened, the experience definitely didn’t derail her career. That distinction belongs to Justin Timberlake, who came to everyone’s attention when Timberlake accidentally exposed Jackson’s breast on the TV broadcast.

The clip is still a major fixation on the Internet: Can you remember exactly what happened? Please continue. The first part: The countdown starts in earnest!

In the final stage, things get fuzzy:

Get it? In the final scene, there’s part of the runway, and then there’s Janet’s rear. Someone needs to research that last part of the take to help editors!

Understandably, it’s infuriating when people make jokes about it.

I spent way too much time watching this woman my whole life because of that kiss.

And that’s something: Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, awkward.

Look, Justin Timberlake probably has more of a career from that moment than Janet Jackson.

Then again, she’s had a hell of a lot of #Janetsmash, and so it’s time for things to return to normal.

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