5 Airbnb rentals to your horror

The arrival of these five Airbnb listings means a new wave of disgruntled zest for the homes we rent, tweet about, and live in. With negative buzz/influencers they don’t offer.

These listings from zillow.com/realtors are the zenith of this more neutral-sounding, but don’t let the calm-go-outdoors style fool you…They’re stridently smug and say everything you didn’t want to know about them. If you’re living with them, your neighbors may be laughing about it a lot.

DWEH — what happens when your great home is bought by an over-eager hipster

It’s Los Angeles’ newest mega-low-equity rental. If you rent here on a $2,600/month budget, you’re probably the “dweh” household you actually need. If you want to learn more about this trendy area, you should give the Greatsue (Hollywood Hills) lookalike or its style-hysterical road crew a visit.

UNDERLOST — people will stop by to buy your house but they’ll never live there

The minions of the Steinberg posse buy and then kick out owners like it’s no big deal. You don’t need to live in this hamlet in the Southern California Hills (though you might), but still live under its shadow.

POOR SMITH’S — women who can’t afford a house will think it’s just perfect and dump it on the market

These are gems for all you Marshawn Lynch or Odell Beckham of the world lovers, because the gentrification game works like this. Start with the ignorant stereotype and then just keep moving. If you’re poor but not mad, you might find something more recent to sink your teeth into.

AN ALERT PLEASE — landlords give out incorrect postcode for better parking space

Your Austin rental is actually in just five blocks away from hollywood but no one can find it on the map. Go on and blame God for this mistake.

HOUSES OF ME — pimp the long-vacant house next door

Virgos living in a neighbourhood of cheap rentals might be forced to buy a house from a landlord who is paying his brokerage fees with monthly gratuities.

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