Can I bring my Delta baggage with me to Canada?

Story highlights Delta’s only flight to Canada has been operating without any bag testing since mid-June, said airline spokesman Paul Skrbec

Delta has traveled in support of other U.S. airlines, including United, American and US Airways, in their fight to keep U.S. baggage rules the same as for their U.S.-bound customers

Travelers traveling between the U.S. and Canada can expect to have their carry-on bags checked under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) regulations when they arrive at their destination.

And while last month the American airlines dropped their own lawsuit against DOT and are scheduled to start collecting passenger baggage fees Oct. 1, Delta Air Lines didn’t wait around.

After the agency required the reverse of its regulations this spring, Delta began offering free checked bags for all of its passengers.

But some travelers wondered, “Can I bring this bag into Canada?”

We chatted with Canada’s aviation minister, Marc Garneau, to get his answer.

Here’s what he said:

Can I bring my U.S. baggage with me on Delta?


Can I bring my domestic bags with me on Delta?


Well, that’s a surprise.

You wouldn’t expect me to turn around at the border and say “OK, I’ll buy you some cottage cheese and tickets,” with the intent of smuggling it into the country. So that’s against the rules.

When will the DOT decide on testing for carry-on bags?

You would think that testing will be done at the point of entry for Canada and the U.S. Now, it may or may not happen. They might wait until after October 1 when they finish with the new fee schedules. In the meantime, passengers are advised to follow international security guidelines.

How many do I have to be traveling with to qualify for no-fee baggage?

Delta currently has not allowed any non-baggage carry-on bags on any of its flights. During the first half of the year, we carried over 25 million of these bags.

That doesn’t sound very many.

So Delta has no luggage fees with no checked bags?

No. But we offer these as an alternative to over 28,000 flight options on Delta.

Well, who will come through Delta as having non-baggage carry-on bags?

The only people who will have checked bags on Delta, no matter the option they choose, are the elites, the best customers and the very best customers. Otherwise, no bag fees.

No wonder the governments of Canada and the U.S. are disputing this.

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