David Lloyd House find evidence of cosmetic surgery tourism

Audio: Matthew Hilary

In modern society, our fixation with cosmetic and even medically unnecessary surgery often translates into our desire to look young and beautiful.

This obsession has resulted in a number of commercially and socially unsustainable industries – one of which is boating.

This spring, Italy’s biggest travel group, TUI, rolled out its new travel policy for their families. According to the brochure, ‘what we are seeing is the constant approval of non-medically needed cosmetic surgery for the wife or partner’ without providing an alternative to cutting the corners.

Francesco Paolo, MD of Briseum, a consulting firm in Milan, believes the new EU guidelines, which define the value of human life, goes against the rising trend of embracing ‘thoroughly unnatural treatments’.

Following widespread coverage of the new travel policy, politicians and well-wishers from across the country have contacted Mr Paolo. He says the travel business has ‘gone crazy’.

Currently Italian President Sergio Mattarella has vowed to review the agreement regarding the European Human Rights Convention.

One vocal critic is the Culture Minister Dario Franceschini who has said in a recent statement that he is ‘adamant’ that the present act provides legal cover for family and relationship therapy. Franceschini has expressed that these services are ‘much needed’ in Italy.

However, Dario Franceschini has said the current directive is outdated. Italian citizens are protesting the new law via social media.

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