Former Fort Lauderdale Residents Say Workers Have Been Fighting Dust And Smoke A-Moeing Broward County Beaches

The rehab is almost complete in that final stretch of the Tri-Rail extension. Project managers hope to open this end to traffic next week. They’ve got two weeks left to finish the work – because in the entire $105 million project, they’ve only done two of seven phases. Construction has been running 10-hour days on weekends for nearly six months now.

There’s little call for repairs on any of the Broward County beaches. We’d say they’re ready for the summer season, but some beachgoers aren’t nearly as thrilled. “Everyone was like [expletive] out of school and everybody is out here vacationing and it’s so bad.” Debbie Silvano said. “It should be torn up, we can do better.”

Repair crews went in and worked on cracking bricks in Blythwood. It cost $1,000 a day to rebuild a 20 foot by 20 foot gap in the roadway, near Hollywood and Sheridan Street. Town officials hope that will alleviate problems for hundreds of drivers.

Former residents of 1792 Hull Street say the lead smokestack still stands, and though it is moved elsewhere to make room for a new Hyatt Regency hotel, a stray spark can still ignite dust and smoke as steam rises between the chimney.

Why weren’t the old bricks replaced? That was one of the biggest decisions that took longer than planned. For the former residents, it’s been a constant struggle to make sure repairs continue. They say they’re frustrated the progress has been so slow.

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