“Fox News Sunday” on November 21, 2021

× “Fox News Sunday” on November 21, 2021

‘Fox News Sunday” will return on Sunday, November 21 at 2 PM/ET on Fox News Channel.

Joining the Sunday lineup next fall is:

Willie Geist and Molly Ball

This is the rare weekend where Geist’s Sunday night series, “This Week With Willie Geist,” is not scheduled. Geist will continue to anchor weekdays from 10am-11am ET on “Today” where he has spent the last five years. This marks a year since Geist left his day-to-day role at NBC News’, to exclusively focus on his journalism. Geist serves as the host of “NBC Nightly News” weekend anchor, NBC’s “Today” weekend anchor. He also presents news updates on NBC’s and MSNBC’s morning programs, as well as other programming that presents the most important and up-to-date news of the day. He was the chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, and served as part of the lead team that won a Peabody Award, won national Emmy Awards and received the Cronkite Award. Geist has interviewed world leaders including world leaders of long standing, as well as newest candidates for the highest office in the land.

Molly Ball is an award-winning journalist and MSNBC political analyst. She is the author of several political books, most recently was interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on what the 2020 presidential campaign is really like so far, and is the author of her forthcoming book, Mockingbird: The Life and Times of Junot Diaz. She’s been a staff writer at The Atlantic since 2015. Before that, she was a national affairs reporter and a national correspondent for The New Republic. Ball’s career spans nearly two decades and she has been with The New Republic from its founding in 2002 until January 2015, where she was political director of national affairs and co-editor of the magazine. She previously covered politics, statecraft, culture, and the arts for several Washington, D.C.-based magazines, including National Journal, Roll Call, The Weekly Standard, The Weekly, The Journal, The American Prospect, The American Scholar, Women’s Magazine, and The New Republic.

Angela Rye is a CNN anchor and contributor. She is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host who hosts “Politics and Social Justice” weekdays on America’s Richest radio network. She has also hosted various shows on MSNBC and other networks including “Equal Time,” “MTP Daily,” and the Democratic primary debates hosted by John Heilemann. Rye has a B.A. from Spelman College, a M.A. from Columbia University and a J.D. from the University of Alabama School of Law. Her opinions are her own.

In announcing the return of “Fox News Sunday,” Krauthammer said, “Last winter we brought back our most successful program, hosting Sam Nunberg, Ryan Cooper, and Carley Shimkus. Then we took a break. But Sam returned and a lively program is what we expect. So we’re pleased to bring the show back.”

The show will remain in its current 7:00 AM ET time slot.

Fox News Channel (FNC) is the most watched news channel in all of television and is available in nearly 90 million homes.

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