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I’m Cheryl Contee, host of ‘Big Time Rush.’ This week I’m taking a look at the abolitionist debate sparked by the recent crash of the five-passenger aircraft in Ethiopia and other recent incidents. I look at what we can learn from the past in order to prevent more accidents and issues like this.

Then, our team of guests comes together to debate the ‘men’s rights’ movement and how today’s freedom of speech rights have led to domestic violence and assaults against women.

And, ‘Big Time Rush’ host Lacey Evans, famed performance artist Frida Kahlo, Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin and Washington Times Washington Redskins columnist John Keim are on the hunt for the most dysfunctional business in America. They’re fighting to find out whose bosses have the worst record of mismanaging their employees and provide the power of deduction to separate the successful from the disorganized!

Plus, my Teen Moms Podcast shows you the real world of teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, teenage dating and much more!

Finally, my radio show has become part of the global ecosystem of sports, giving us a fresh take on the sports world. I’m joined by the biggest names in the field with a chat about the NFL, hockey, college football, and the NBA. Plus, our special guests Chris Long, Sterling Brown, Donte Whitner, Kenny Britt, Jordan Matthews, Gerald Hodges, Cam Newton, and Jon Gruden. We talk all things sports.

I hope you enjoy this edition of ‘Big Time Rush.’ It’s right here on ‘Fox News Radio’.

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