Here’s why the Daily Mail is standing in the way of a happy career

By Alex Bailin, better known as Dame Vivienne, the MD and editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail. Despite having edited some of the UK’s biggest newspapers over the past 14 years, Lady Viv has not had much success turning the Daily Mail, which has seen its circulation struggle in the UK for many years, into a must-read news source. Aside from its infamous, Ann Coulter-esque “Dressgate” scandal (which sparked criticism for discriminatory slurs on Caitlyn Jenner and members of the LGBTQ+ community), the Daily Mail (like most tabloids) has mostly written the same story and covered the same topics over and over again. Here’s what’s standing between the Daily Mail and its rightful place as one of the country’s top journalism outlets:

Let’s take a look at some of the articles that have graced the pages of the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Telegraph, and other national newspapers. These are some of the areas of interest:


Legal Pansay – for frying and buttering meat at your local restaurant for which you have been criminally charged with a variety of offences

Eugenics – that terrible group most responsible for the deaths of millions of people, including women

George Soros – the pension thief who always gets away with it (thanks George)

Prisoners – such as one Samora Machel II of Mozambique who ran a forest massacre in 1952, killing 31,000 people. He is pictured

Vampire Dooley – for his latest obsession of turning lesbians into vampires

Baroness Falconer is the only member of the House of Lords with a criminal record

In the list of British newspapers, the Daily Mail is ranked between the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express. In 2016, The Daily Mail was chosen as the UK’s “worst editor” of a major newspaper – significantly behind Murdoch’s Sun in second place. In 2015, the Daily Mail was ranked fourth in UK Media Personality of the Year for 2016 for a successful campaign to defend the rights of Louis Theroux, a documentary maker who had been falsely accused of abusing an underage girl in the UK. It has interviewed celebrities on an unprecedented scale over the past 20 years.

But perhaps the most recent publicity for the Daily Mail was the Millie Mackintosh expose, which details her fights with cocaine and cannabis and appears to show the couple having unprotected sex with each other. This attack takes the paper a step closer to the questionable, sensational and shameful journalistic tactics of newspapers in the United States – indeed a look at their approach to news reporting is utterly chilling. For example, the Washington Post’s report on Donald Trump’s new $40 million New York skyscraper reveal a mere handful of the many, many records subpoenaed by the government as part of the investigation of possible links between the Trump campaign and Russian government’s election hacking. When examining these records, the Post found a chilling pattern of American journalist, academics and government employees desperately attempting to gather and sell information that could potentially be useful in breaking down the wall of secrecy surrounding this investigation. Also read this article by New York Times investigative reporter Mark Mazzetti that explains how the US government frequently accesses emails of journalists.

What Lady Viv could do with all that political clout

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