How Americans could land a million-dollar verdict by 2020

In the past few years a slew of new technologies have been introduced that have revitalized an entire industry. Whether it was Uber revolutionizing the taxi business, Gmail expanding email communication, or YouTube taking out long-established TV stations, the internet changed the face of our world. Technology is continuing to place more and more of a role in our lives, making some lives and even wiping away others.

In your day-to-day life you’re only going to experience two to three major inventions of this kind, and then this simple shift in technology could significantly impact your life. Some of these inventions have been around for a few decades, while others have only recently been introduced, like texting.

Technology has already transformed how we socialize, worship, celebrate, learn, and many other aspects of our daily lives. Now, with technology’s next big expansion, it will be revolutionary to the world and potentially make many millions of people millionaires. The problem, however, is that the technology is already in a technology state of overwhelm. According to reports, there are currently 4.7 million apps being downloaded every single day.

Now, before you get too excited, keep in mind that Google recently released a chart showing that there are over 500 billion apps currently available on our smartphones alone. So, even if each person downloads 1 app every day, there’s still a lot of potential for that to change!

One of the ways we are experiencing this technological evolution is by becoming more reliant on our phones to do many things, whether it’s ordering food, getting directions, creating a report, checking the weather, or any number of other routine tasks.

Apps have transformed how we work, communicate, gather information, and how we fight for justice. Many apps are not the best ideas, but there are definitely times when apps such as Uber and Facebook have helped people realize the dream of living the entrepreneurial lifestyle and providing a better life for themselves and others.

So, how are we as Americans going to move forward from this influx of new inventions, and prepare for the onslaught? Do we want to struggle for 100 years, trying to keep up with innovation? Or do we want to begin to shape the future so it’s built on innovation as opposed to control?

The future of technology is in our hands as a society. We can either continue to rally around familiar aging technologies, or we can embrace the future. With our presidential election coming up in 2020, it is now even more important for us to take action now to protect ourselves from the communist society that is to come.

We need a renewed commitment to entrepreneurship in our country so we can continue growing as a free country. This is why I am extremely proud to announce today my launch of the independent presidential exploratory committee for Republic New Party for America, which I will bring to the 2016 presidential election in November of 2020.

Many Americans believe that a republic, like the United States, should always live by the rule of law, and take the Constitution’s Declaration of Independence as our guide in this regard. However, it is only through a people willing to empower those in power to follow that law, that we will be able to create a free and independent republic. The freedom of the people has been squandered at every step by our current president, and if we don’t change the current status quo, the future for America and the American people will look like this: President Xi Jinping taking the oath of office to rule over Americans.

I am hopeful that with the help of millions of people, the next president will be a man of the American spirit, and willing to implement the most revolutionary government we’ve ever seen. I am asking you to join me in creating a new American experiment – revolution – without the fear of anarchy, without a dictator, without failure.

The decision to run for president has always been a decision of personal conviction for me. Just a few years ago, I pledged my faith in America by giving my life to her military, and now I have pledged my life to restoring the vision of liberty and prosperity she has always been known for.

Victor J. Navasky is president of the Freedom Forum, publisher of The Advocate, and founder of Citizens for a Sound Economy. His book “VANITY” was released in 2016 and features Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, and many other influential figures. He writes for Fox News on all matters relating to freedom.

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