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Listen to Carter Visser tell us about Truman Capote and the strange ideas he had and about Capote’s weird suggestion for the monument to his hero, Tennessee Williams.

Plus, Carter tells us about how he discovered my personal connection to… Marcia Gay Harden:

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The relationship between Truman Capote and Helen Gurley Brown and the strange comments Capote made about them and Helen Gurley Brown…

Learn about my love of London and the challenge of staying in both of the languages I know:

And, watch Carter and our panel discuss President Trump’s tweet regarding the birth of Senator Robert Redford…

Carter Visser is a fresh new voice on the No-Stress Friday Morning Show; from a mom who writes, reads, directs, and performs; who lives life as a lifelong New Yorker and wants to inspire her tweens to ask as much as they feel entitled… All she doesn’t want for them is to stay home and be miserable…

Plus, this week on The Heidi N Cooper Show, host Heidi will talk with:

• Marcia Gay Harden – award-winning actress, playwright, screenwriter, director and producer

• Anna Camp, “Extant” and “Wet Hot American Summer” actress

• Seth Rogen, actor, producer, director and comedian

• Elle Fanning, actress, director, writer, musician

And, Heidi will interview… Michael Avenatti – American lawyer, former federal prosecutor, and media and political star; who is currently leading the legal challenge to the Mueller investigation; the man at the epicenter of a storm of media attention

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