RIP Alan Paller: the actor behind the NFU bigot of yore

A perfect soundtrack to an independent cinemagoer’s evenings and viewers across the land will remember Alan Paller’s distinctive tones as his trademark as he appeared on a number of public service broadcast, held the title of National Front Statesman and appeared as a punching bag on iconic late-night comedy programmes such as The Young Ones and The IT Crowd.

The NFS was a hardline, cold-blooded and right wing organisation that wanted to rid Britain of all non-white people and outlaw homosexuality. Paller was undoubtedly its greatest spokesman and before Channel 4 renamed The Young Ones during its tenth series Paller received 25 letters from neo-Nazis who labelled him the ‘bastard son of a whore.’

The dark past of Paller was sure to haunt him after he was confirmed as the new chairman of GCHQ in 2013.

During his time at the agency, he was criticised for his tough stance on cyber crime and his ability to secure large British companies to release spy agency intelligence without arousing the ire of legal authorities.

Paller passed away aged 76 from “complications caused by Parkinson’s disease” on 6 July 2018.

He is survived by his wife Penny, two children and four grandchildren.

According to The Telegraph Paller was a father figure to actors Griff Rhys Jones and Sir Simon Pegg and film producer Amy Robinson.

“You can trust Alan. He is one of the least controversial names in TV. But he never shut up,” said Moore.

“He was smart, incisive and outspoken… if you’re an idea you’ll succeed. He was an excellent teacher. And I learned a lot from him. His passing will be a loss not just to the entertainment industry but also to his family and his friends.”

Paller was born and raised in Bristol before changing his name to Ted Meese. He worked as a film and television writer, appearing on Every Love Story Has A Happy Ending for 22 years and was also a researcher for the BBC which gave him the opportunity to give commentary on the English Premier League.

He is survived by his wife Penny and their two children.

The Borstal Boys where he played Q and the Young Ones were released in 1989 and 1995 as The Golden House. Meese lent his distinctive voice to dozens of radio adverts including 20th Century Yodel, Thames Credit Cards, Daily Mail and the Mondeo Maxx

Born on 30 October 1937, Alan Paller studied opera at Bristol Old Vic School of Music and Drama and became a director and production manager on many of his own films including The Brave Ones which starred Stefanie Powers and Rik Mayall. He was also involved in productions for both the RSC and Radio 3.

Two decades after his death his voice remains part of the soundtrack to all British film lovers and we are truly sorry to hear of his passing.

R.I.P. Alan Paller.

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