Simu Liu makes his hosting debut on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ See his top moments

The Chinese drag performer and actress, whose 2004 debut featured an iconic recreation of the light sabre scene from Star Wars, appeared this weekend

Simu Liu makes his hosting debut on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ See his top moments

Simu Liu, an up-and-coming drag star and actress based in New York, made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. She opened the show with a monologue that touched on everything from why she was interested in hosting the show, which she explains was a first for an Asian woman, to the events of the week – including the end of the French presidential election and the arrest of LaCroix. But of course, it was her iconic Star Wars skit that was likely the most talked about.

The skit was a return to form for Liu, who had previously starred in a 2005 SNL skit in which she performed in drag to the voice of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia character. Below are her top moments on the show:

1. Cold open

Liu opened the show by introducing the cold open, which was hosting duties for video shop owner Steve Bannon. The top highlight from the opening sketch was a spot-on “Oooze” performance from Chu Chu.

2. Madame Mao

During her monologue, Liu covered “Madame Mao”, a mother who puts all her children in that time machine that only takes small amounts of time and which makes them come back to life with the one skill each child can master. Much to the delight of the audience, Liu recreated the iconic light sabre scene from Star Wars.

3. Nanko Fai

Liu opened the show’s cold open by delivering the translation of Mike Pence’s agenda. She described the veep as a “former mafia don”, a “racist”, a “rightwing maniac”, a “fat moron”, and “a dictator”.

4. Star Wars skit

Liu was one of the regular guests on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show “The Tonight Show”. In September 2004, Liu delivered a Star Wars skit for Fallon’s show, in which she spent five minutes in Leia’s suit, singing the theme to the franchise. The skit is considered a highlight from Liu’s debut performance on Saturday Night Live.

5. Gretchen Cryer

A recurring character on Saturday Night Live, Gretchen Cryer is a typically manic comedian who sports long, curly hair and speaks in riddles. Liu portrayed the character during the show’s cold open.

6. LaCroix

The battle of between LaCroix and LaCroix was fierce for a second time this weekend. With her recreating LaCroix’s first appearance on the show this week, Liu gave a sassy and cheeky take on the altercation, citing Latino heritage as her political affiliation.

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