The Great Online Communities: Keeping Your Group Safe

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Every time you turn around there is a new digital group on the block that is connecting people in new and interesting ways.

FOX’s Lisa Brady has the details in “Great Online Communities”:

The internet is where people come together. It’s where groups build, organize and plan.

But those groups can also be breeding grounds for extremist and hate groups.

Lisa shows you how organizations, institutions and individuals are staying ahead of the Internet Civil War:

(interfaith conversation) “As part of the Coaltion for Community Engagement, we work with interfaith communities across the country to support interfaith and community building efforts.”

That’s Dr. Lisa Stafford with the Coalition for Community Engagement. She says helping groups and institutions educate themselves can make them more secure online. But you don’t have to wait for help:

(palmer) “You’re never too late to intervene and talk about things you’re seeing online. I’d reach out to a trusted friend, somebody on your team or even somebody in your workplace who could be a great source of knowledge about the stories that are emerging on the internet and whether there is something about them that might be of concern.”

MATT PALMER is with the Counter Extremism Project:

(Palmer) “I think what we can do is watch for all the patterns we’re seeing emerge in the social media and traditional media and kind of connect the dots, try to understand what those threads are and then, if you see something, act on it.”

The counter extremism group found 45 extremist groups in their investigation that overlap with, or support, the Islamic State. And then there are those who just simply want to talk about the internet:

(swift) “All of these things have many layers. There’s a lot of different layers of organized hate, but there’s also a lot of content from folks that would engage in conversation and have conversation with people that they may just like.”

Lisa Brady, FOX News.

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