Trans woman met Argentine man at Buenos Aires airport and got engaged at baggage claim

Stunning news out of Brazil, where a trans couple met in a Buenos Aires airport and became engaged at baggage claim on Saturday.

Diana Beltrao Barroso and Ceasar Samaniego were on their way to a G20 summit in Buenos Aires when they exchanged vows.

The pair drove into Argentina from Brasilia in a white stretch limo. They traveled to the airport by car so that the festivities could continue, and when they arrived an hour and a half later, Ceasar had proposed.

Diana and Ceasar were initially in contact with each other via Facebook, but it wasn’t until their whirlwind trip that the two started making plans for a date and a future together.

“He is very romantic. And now, I’m like a very romantic bride,” Diana told LaNacion. “I love my public place, and the two of us with our shoes already hanging from the car, it was perfect.”

Ceasar added that the ceremony was “memorable and emotional.”

Their whirlwind romance was also captured by the Argentinean publication Noticias 1542. As they were processing their luggage and getting ready to leave, they met Mia Sharpy, who had also come to the airport for a meeting. Both were in Rio to take part in a caravan and meet the President of Brazil.

They immediately became friends, and 1542 caught up with them as they met at an airport bar, before heading for their wedding, which took place on Saturday.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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