US driver is dubbed ‘an unofficial unofficial of the Welcoming Centre’ after carrying American flag

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Mr Adhir Chaouk’s deliveryman who joined him by sticking his hand up the US flag flap is a father of two from Virginia

A US driver has been hailed as a hero after hanging a flag with a message of loyalty outside a house in Mexico.

The choice of attire, however, left the man, Nazir Chaouk, in a lot of hot water with immigration authorities.

His joyous gesture to both a friend and the returning crowd was in keeping with a Mexican saying, “Adore this country”.

The translator of their conversation summed it up. “It was all a very American thing.”

Natty Leo Guerrero, a Mexican immigrant and the man who Mr Chaouk met on the street that day on 31 April, happened to be a business partner. He had flown in for the work from Miami.

Natty Leo and Nazir Chaouk hang the American flag in support of Donald Trump’s immigration policies

Hailing from the poor town of Querétaro, Mexico City and Guadalajara, the two had worked together on and off for a few years.

“But during the transition of country, you build relationships. And then, for instance, I came to the USA,” Natty told Bbc Radio’s World Service.

Nazir is able to speak three languages – English, Spanish and Pushto – with which he picked up from Natty “everything that America is.”

His current job is for Fedex, delivering packages on the highway.

He caught the attention of several people the previous day with his crossing over of an American flag flap.

Image copyright sajeev Image caption Nazir Chaouk says he hopes other drivers like him will look up to him

He acknowledges he did not foresee the positive reaction that had followed the photograph of him holding up the American flag with his finger over it.

In reaction to that photograph, he says, “fans have called me my father and wife”, while a Washington Post story described him as “the unofficial unofficial of the “Welcoming Centre at Del Mar”.

The sharing of his story was also shared with a couple of congressmen. The reaction from the company he works for was that he was subject to immigration authorities.

Mr Chaouk puts it down to his American passport. “It’s got my name on it. I’m not a Mexican. I’ve never been to Mexico.”

He adds that a city motto in Texas that comes from Jesus is that “honesty, hard work, perseverance and faith is part of what makes America great.”

“I’m an American. I love America.”

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