Viggo Mortensen On Paramount Sues Quentin Tarantino For Using “Pulp Fiction”

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…as studios try to claim back copyrights for original works

Today in the Sean Hannity Show, actor Viggo Mortensen joined the “Hannity” panel to discuss Paramount Pictures suing filmmaker Quentin Tarantino for recutting “Pulp Fiction” into two films. He explained that the studios have a strict pattern in suing movies over right of creative use since they hold copyrights for original works. Mortensen said that the movie has been well received and that other “Pulp Fiction” sequels were shot, but never released.

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The story seems promising enough, but filmmaker Dito Montiel has a different opinion and thinks the lawsuit is a joke. He blames Tarantino for this sort of situation.

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We covered this story on The Sean Hannity Show:

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Your $150,000 movie can only be used once after all. That’s when the studios sue Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Martin Scorsese. The news comes after “Pulp Fiction” creator John Hillcoat revealed that he had received a letter from the Weinstein Company, stating that they own the rights to all eight films that utilize John Woo’s signature one-page ending scene. Since the Weinstein Company was shut down, “The Magnificent Seven” is the first film to be impacted and Robert Rodriguez admits he doesn’t know if he has a scene in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” which ends on a similar note. Watch the video above to hear from John Hillcoat and author Ray Bradbury.

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