CaféTO winpetions to be permanently awarded permanent standing at Old City Hall

CaféTO will be making it to Permanent status at the Old City Hall after the city’s executive committee unanimously supported the move at a meeting on Tuesday. The landmark was recently restored, and includes a vibrant rooftop garden. Restaurant owners have long lobbied for the status, arguing that it would bring more business and traffic to the area.

Albin Smit, the proprietor of CaféTO, which has been open since 1992, voiced his support for the final plan. “We would like to be seen as a food-hall,” he said, according to The Star. “This is why we want it. We have a big roof, big traffic. It’s great for businesses. It will be in the heart of the city.”

CaféTO is not the only restaurant to use a rooftop garden, however. The Poppy Potter and The Wooly Potter, both of which are located within the surrounding Dalhousie Square in downtown Toronto, are both rooftop farms.

Read the full story at the Toronto Star.


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