How BBC News’s video charts are added to Newsround and the BBC’s websites

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If you’ve spent any time on financial news in the last few months you’ll know there’s been plenty of activity in the market. Here’s the latest release of data we’ve collected on what is happening across the economy, from the jobs and inflation stats to the house prices and business outlooks.

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We use data from official and outside sources to create data visualisations that get people’s attention. We also aim to make money by selling anonymised data from readers to third parties. There’s no editorial control over what you see in the video below.

Video surveys from our London site also contribute to a number of unique visualisations and charts.

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Unlike traditional broadcasters, which are self-funded, we source our data from third parties. We also use a crowdsourcing approach, crowdsourcing data through the twitter stream of BBC News’ latest stories, and our video poll: #gatewayeconomic. Here’s the latest release on Twitter.

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