Power 100: Visionary People Changing the World

Leading organisations recognise their global advocates.

May 26, New York, USA

CNN Worldwide recognized individuals who have changed the world for the better. They are the ‘Power 100’. They are ten outstanding professionals. They are from all walks of life. Their stories remind us of the universal human character.

They are CEO’s, Executives, Founders, Executives and Mentors. They are Peace Leaders, Green Leaders, Humanitarian Leaders, Resilient Leaders, World Leaders and Military Leaders.

Their stories demonstrate powerful qualities that transcend nationality, race, religion, age and gender. The talents and contributions these 10 individuals have in our lives today represent the key to success.

The International Network for Business Impact Awards are presented by CNN International in conjunction with its sister divisions, CNN Productions and CNN International Commercial.

This year, a special tribute award was instituted for the social enterprise sector. This is very important as the social enterprise sector, including some of the top 100, is redefining the way business operates.

The awards’ mission is to recognise those who, regardless of title or industry, through public or private works, have made a difference on or off the Wall Street of the personal and societal field. They are CNN’s ‘Power 100’

CNN named 10 men and women to represent all facets of global success. They are women in investment banking, law, biotech, tech and the global travel and tourism industry. They are power-players in five industries. One is an advocacy leader, one an environmental advocate, one a human rights advocate, one a consumer advocate, one a humanitarian and one even a world leader. One is a ‘man’ about everything and one can do anything.

The common trait among them is a deep-rooted sense of social responsibility. All of them use their talents to impact the world for the better. Their work transcends social categories, geography and religion. Their stories highlight the positive energy and direction forward from the ‘Power 100’ who pave the way for tomorrow’s global leaders.

This is the seventh annual awards ceremony organized by CNN and in partnership with HSBC Business Partners. With HSBC, CNN also established the CNN Legend Award, to honour individuals who have made a significant contribution to their society and to enrich and advance the lives of others.

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