The Kit’s best pantyhose picks for 2018

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Is it uncool to wear pantyhose? Let The Kit, “the most powerful hair and beauty brand you’ve never heard of,” help you decide.

Pantyhose were popular back in the day (and still in fashion), but lately, they’ve become a polarizing topic. Some people can’t stand them, and need to be taken off as soon as they put them on. Others deem them essential pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. The question is: How to shop for them? What’s the best way to figure out if you can comfortably wear them in 2018? To help with that, we asked The Kit, an Australian-based online retailer that sells everything from skincare and underwear to home products, makeup, and more, to weigh in.

Shop The Kit’s Best Pantyhose Picks.

The Kit’s best pantyhose picks may surprise you, but they’re very practical items for a woman’s wardrobe. All the Pantyhose pick consists of is a wonderful scarf. The whole sale is all about love.

For more from The Kit, watch the video above.

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Originally published May 2013. Updated March 2018.

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