Major League Baseball team to renovate Ben Einhorn Stadium in Bakersfield,

Artist Michael M. Beason and TBC Executive Leadership Team

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TBC Sports & Entertainment announced today that they have entered into a contract with M.L.B. LLC to renovate Ben Einhorn Stadium. The renovations will provide the major league minor league baseball team with expanded amenities and overall more modern and safe stadium amenities. The agreement, which does not involve acquiring or ownership of the stadium, also calls for the introduction of high-quality soccer facilities on a 15 acre portion of the stadium property that is adjacent to the seating bowl and parking lot. After most of the stadium is renovated, TBC will be exploring the development of the adjacent land to create a Major League Soccer venue. Major League Soccer’s interest in the site is yet to be confirmed, but TBC management has plans to work with the league during the project. M.L.B. LLC will provide funding for most of the construction of the fields and building of the stadium, allowing TBC to more quickly begin its process of developing the soccer-specific venue on the site.

“Following in the steps of our own professional baseball and rugby venues in Bakersfield, and the Bakersfield Blaze hockey arena, which is also part of this transaction, we believe this stadium project has immense potential to bring increased revenue and other benefits to the local community. TBC management has the history and expertise to transform the Ben Einhorn Stadium into the ultimate multi-sport venue and will maintain the existing ownership interest. M.L.B. LLC, through its architects, engineers and technicians, will complete this project in an effective and efficient manner, thereby increasing the net benefits to the City of Bakersfield and Bakersfield residents.”

“With the addition of the six TBC-owned fields to the existing soccer infrastructure that already exists adjacent to the stadium, we believe this project is in the best interest of the community and those who will use the stadium on a regular basis.”

M.L.B. LLC is a general contractor and Lebenthal Construction Company. Officials from Lebenthal Construction Company will join M.L.B. LLC on site on Tuesday to be involved in the project beginning with the emergency and re-cementing work on the field. The construction timetable will have the field ready for play for the 2019 season.

Sports Hub Bakersfield, a Sports Complex with Extreme Baseball Courts, Baseball/Softball Complex, Ice Rink, Ice Rink Parking, Indoor Soccer Practice Center and Olympic-style Ice Rink, Youth Soccer Fields, Adult Softball/Pee Wee Field, Bakersfield Blaze Soccer Arena, BMX Track and Parking, and numerous Event Venues, now has an exciting new project on the horizon. As reported by TBC and M.L.B. LLC, the teams have decided to renovate Ben Einhorn Stadium to provide the MLB Bakersfield Blaze Minor League Baseball team with enhanced and modern stadium amenities.

“This agreement is long overdue,” says Mike Maguire, Bakersfield Blaze Board of Directors. “Throughout the Bakersfield franchise’s history, stadium improvements and construction have not been a priority because our expenses far outweighed our revenue opportunities. M.L.B. LLC and their management team understand the need for this facility and the desire of Bakersfield residents and community leaders to support the City’s push towards a Major League Baseball team, as well as the desire of our fans to create a soccer-specific stadium. We are so pleased to work with TBC to fix the mistakes of the past and make Ben Einhorn Stadium available to Major League Baseball the right way.”

To this day, the Ben Einhorn Stadium was not built to be a stadium designed exclusively for baseball. It has all the necessary elements to provide adequate seating space for not only baseball and soccer, but also concerts, football games, and football playoffs. In addition, an MLB team will be playing and attracting fans to the stadium year-round, a positive for Bakersfield residents. “This additional revenue stream from MLB would enhance the quality of life for the City,” says Maguire.

The renovation project would include complete interior and exterior upgrades to the stadium that would include a new berm designed to create a sense of place for fans watching the game, and an upgraded in-stadium TV broadcast booth that can be used for premier ESPN events. One of the main goals of the renovations is to provide a safe and clean facility for fans to watch their favorite players on the field, to enjoy warm beer from the ballpark’s popular beers garden

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