Trump ‘tells all’ in upcoming book

Donald Trump will be releasing a book detailing his presidency. The White House is this week announcing the release of “Celebrity Apprentice: The Autobiography” by Trump. It’s due in stores on 18 June.

The book will include Trump’s “insider and controversial accounts about the events that took place in the second year of his historic presidency.” As The Associated Press points out, “stories about the president’s raucous partying in the White House, kicking in doors, pulling down a door frame and firing somebody, are likely to be very popular.”

The author of the book is Wall Street Journal reporter Michael D’Antonio. The AP writes, “Michael D’Antonio has been a journalist, a commentator on ‘The Apprentice’ and a family friend. Trump is a huge fan of his, once telling supporters in New Hampshire: ‘You know who my favorite reporter is? It’s this guy.'”

The AP says that although the book features commentaries from authors Stephen L. Carter and D’Antonio, “‘Celebrity Apprentice’ will never read like an official White House account of Mr. Trump’s tenure,” according to the White House. “It will be a memoir as well as commentary based on a range of things he said, did and learned while president,” the White House says.

As the book will include stories that Trump has previously described as “fake news,” which will be bound in a red cover, it will not be available to buy. It will be sold through newsstands, the White House says.

The Telegraph’s style guide says “celebrity biography” is a “misnomer” because that’s not the title of the book. “A biography is a description that describes a person in regard to how he or she has achieved an important achievement, or came to embody an important theme,” it says.

According to The Independent, Trump will not be interviewed by D’Antonio for the book. The White House says the president spoke directly to him after he got the offer.

The White House hasn’t returned questions from BBC about why Trump will not be talking to D’Antonio.

Separately, the BBC reports that Trump will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican next month. The pope hosted Trump for dinner during the US state visit to the Holy See in May 2017.

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