Charlie Sheen caught streaming Ordeal by Innocence trailer on networkflix

Eagerly anticipated new film, about a couple on a ski trip, has been hotly anticipated and almost immediately leaked online

On-demand streaming service Acorn TV is one of the few TV services still remaining that has saved on ads while removing much of the commercial skipping, but now the service has run afoul of a porn star with a good mullet, Charlie Sheen.

On Monday, the streaming site released the trailer for the new Agatha Christie adaptation, Ordeal by Innocence, and to its many fans, the series looks a little bit like a one-hour Mullet Reel. Almost immediately, the trailer was leaked on the web, where it was downloaded more than 1m times.

The trailer is 80% tits and sports cars, featuring Sheen’s character with scantily clad women and the regular variety of old people on a ski trip.

The trailer for Ordeal by Innocence. ‘How about a montage of a really cheesy Monty Python skit?’ Photograph: Acorn Media

Cult TV channels such as Acorn have made a fortune with their take on historical dramas and miniseries, but the trailer is a little less accurate to the spirit of Christie than an homage to the 80s commercials.

Cast for the mystery include Jacqueline Bisset, Felicity Jones, Bill Nighy and Naomi Watts.

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