NetJets: How Can You Own a Plane Without Going Broke?

The market is going through a period of upheaval, and anyone who works in the air travel industry can see it with their own eyes. With so many options, how do you establish value? Can a name brand company like Southwest Airlines be completely disrupted?

Enter the NetJets BrightSight program.

With its emphasis on ease of use, BrightSight is a technology program developed by the NetJets Inc. corporation.

The program allows you to purchase three or five-year discount plan that includes an aircraft in every class and priority flight access for your business clients.

If you’re interested in owning an airplane, but you don’t want to pay for it all at once, the plan allows you to rent a plane without debt.

I purchased a plane, called a Glenos, and I have three individuals that come with it, and it allows me to keep my costs low and provide my clients with a heightened level of experience.

You can purchase a plane with tickets as low as $3,000. The price climbs as high as $30,000 and depends on what level of service you need. As you can see, $3,000 is a major discount, and you have the option to upgrade to the next level of service as well as have extra amenities.

Other options available are going through a franchisee or simply purchasing yourself a plane.

Another perk of purchasing yourself a plane is that you can perform an insurance policy on your plane and not have to worry about waiting for insurance to be issued.

To view some images of NetJets’ new “bullet” airplane show below.

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