Disney ‘pausing’ mandatory worker immunizations after state moves to exempt religious and medical exemptions

Disney is pausing its mandatory employees’ vaccinations after Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed legislation Friday that exempted religious and medical exemptions for the at-home parental immunization program.

Exemptions will continue to be granted to those who claim “personal belief” exemptions, a group that Disney claims currently makes up 9 percent of the company’s workforce, FOX News reported.

Disney says Disney World is safe. We need to change the laws to protect children. Visit my web page: https://t.co/wQtSyaSOfm pic.twitter.com/WWosI3HfQs — Rick Scott (@FLGovScott) November 23, 2018

Disney’s at-home vaccination policy started in May 2017, when the company said it was working to expand the “personal belief” and religious exemptions from the current requirement of children being home-schooled to everyone who works in the theme parks.

Over the past month, the first child was issued an exemption based on religious beliefs.

“A number of our non-medical students, due to the religious beliefs of their parents, have chosen to reside in home education, which, when combined with the requirement for personal belief exemptions, creates an inconsistency with national laws and the guest’s expectations of child care,” the company said in a statement.

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